Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pictures of Britney

The fact that people look a bit sweaty and rough after exercising is not news, we're well aware of this, but we thought these pictures of Britney were worthy of a bitchy glance.

Clearly deciding its better to pre-empt the nastiest thing people can say about her by going out with it printed on her chest, Britney opted for this tasteful "Dick" t-shirt (that's Richard Nixon - he was big in America, probably used to be in the Backstreet Boys or something) and some mismatched trackie bottoms for her gym session. Oh, and her ever troublesome hair extensions weren't giving her much love either.

Once again we're thankful that we don't get photographed leaving the gym which, by the way, isn't because we're not famous - it's just that we never go to the gym.


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